Dirt Devil Lift and Go Review via CNET

CNET.com, one of our favorite sites, just posted a review on the Dirt Devil Lift and Go ($120). We generally like the Dirt Devil Vacuums and generally rate them high, especially since they are quite inexpensive as well. (For more: Check out our How To Buy A Vacuum Cleaner and Bestselling Vacuums articles)

Alright Then! Let’s check CNET’s review of the Lift and Go:

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Another Use For A Vacuum Cleaner: A Book Scanner

Another Use For A Vacuum Cleaner: A Book Scanner

What will those geniuses at Google think of next?

As reported in Wired this month, those geniuses at google hvae turned a vacuum cleaner into a book scanner.

Who cares of the practical use of it.. .it’s cool! And Google will probably figure out an everyday application for this.

But for Google, yes of course there was a use for this: Google scans in thousands of books daily.

“Many of the 7 million books scanned by Google were rare and out of print, and the trick was to scan them without damaging the pages or the binding. Though it

Another Use For A Vacuum Cleaner: A Cat Toy

Another Use For A Vacuum Cleaner: A Cat Toy

Just for fun: another use for your carpet vacuum cleaner: entertain your cat (or your pets!!)


Dyson Vacuums unveils a revolutionary hair free vacuum brush

According to a post we saw at TheFutureOfThings.com Dyson has unveiled a new hair free brush for its line of vacuum cleaners. Dyson claims this to be their best hair free brush ever.

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Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Specials For October!!

Bissell Vacuum Cleaners has a few very nice specials advertised on their site here including $20 off select model vacuums, free shipping, and more!

We like Bissell and you can check our Bissell vacuum reviews for more info